To a professional musician, the difference between a musician and an artist is sizeable. While a musician brings skill to the music, an artist literally brings the music. When you have both of these in harmony you achieve greatness, as in Stefano Capobianco. Singer/songwriter/master musician, Capobianco’s songwriting is as eclectic as the varied music that has inspired him since his early days on the East Coast. If you imagine Prince and Carole King having a love child with Tom Petty and Lenny Kravitz as the godparents, you might have an inkling of what to expect from Stefano’s music. His musicianship and artistry have been recognized by countless famed bands and artists, leading him to share the stage with such diverse performers as: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Cranberries, The Spin Doctors, Colin Haye, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Dwight Yoakam, and numerous others. 

  As a member of the Boston music scene and later the Los Angeles scene, Stefano has left his indelible mark , immersing himself into the artistic community of both coasts and influencing those around him.  Not limited to the states, he garnered accolades for his European tour; an indicator of the mass global appeal of his sound. Writing a great song is entirely different than delivering a great performance. Nowhere are Stefano’s gifts more apparent than onstage.  The charisma and energy that characterize his live performances are the ingredients that elevate and transform talent into genius. 

   Versatility is not a requirement of artists but one possessed by many of the most lauded. His solo releases and his collaboration with singer/songwriter Cindi Law (in the duo Cindi & Stefano) can be heard on MTV, E!, and the WB. Most recently, Capobianco spent time recording at Hollywood’s iconic Capitol Records with newcomer Bryan Joyce (King Leg), Dwight Yoakam, with legendary Chris Lorde Alge at the board. As the guitarist for King Leg, Capobianco spent last summer touring with Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams, and Steve Earle and the Dukes as part of the LSD tour The congruence of these genre defying releases gives proof to Capobianco’s musical adaptive ability. 

 Sometimes an audience hears the song or the sound of an era. When at its best, music offers an undefinable quality that perfectly translates the emotion in a timeless manner. Rather than remembering a point in time, the music of Stefano Capobianco envelopes the listener and creates a cocoon of excitement and melody; one capable of transporting them at any moment into the happiest times of their life.

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