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Thanks for visiting my Official Website. I'm currently performing with the Artist KING LEG. The debut album arrives October 20th, (Sire Records). I'm also working on the back catalogue for some re-issues and re-masters as well as some new material to be release in 2018. Thank you again for visiting and please sign up on the mailing list for future updates. Love , Stefano.


Stefano, Seth Freeman & Cindi & Stefano Resident Band 

Listen to Resident Band Radio tonight 5-7pm. 

The ResidentBand Radio Show 

Air date:  Wednesday, March 1, 2017 
Time:  5PM-7PM (PST). 
Listen Here:  Dash INDIE 
or within Dash Radio’s iPhone and Android apps on the INDIE station. 
Guest:  Seth Freeman & Stefano Capobianco 
Topic:  Long time collaborators Seth Freeman and Stefano Capobianco discuss their music, the importance of collaborating, video for musicians, and more.  Bonus:  Live Acoustic Performance! 

Video Player 

ResidentBand is now on the radio!  As part of our continuing mission to support independent artists, ResidentBand has expanded to radio with the ResidentBand Radio Show on Dash Radio.  The ResidentBand Radio Show is a weekly two hour talk radio program interspersed with independent music we love and live in-studio musical performances.  Each show focuses on subjects that are useful to independent musicians.  Guests include independent artists and industry professionals.  The program is co-hosted by ResidentBand partner Steve Feder, ResidentBand founder Lance Chapman, and Ashley Pilgrim.  The show airs Wednesdays 5-7PM on Dash INDIE, part of the Dash Radio Network. 

Tweet us the Los Angeles based independent bands you want to hear on the ResidentBand Radio Show. Use the hashtag #ResidentBandRadio. 

We are incredibly proud to be a part of Dash Radio’s programming. Dash is the biggest original digital radio broadcasting platform in the world. Streaming live 24/7, Dash Radio features the biggest DJ’s, personalities, and curators in the world on 60+ original & exclusive stations in every genre (with more added weekly). 

You can listen to  the ResidentBand Radio Show on Dash INDIE radio via this direct link, or on Dash Radio’s main website at, within its iOS and Android apps, and on Apple CarPlay.  Soon, Dash Radio will also become available via the Sonos in-home wireless audio speaker system and in cars using the AT&T Drive initiative.

Happy Holidays 

So grateful for an awesome and yet perplexing year! It's obviously just the beginning of an even more nutty future but it's an exciting time in what will no doubt be a defining time in history. "You know, we dealing with a very crucial and critical time, most crucial and critical time that I've ever witnessed, being as young as I am, you know!" Mindpower, James Brown.…


Birthday Reminder! 


Molly Malone's Birthday Bash! Come on down as Buoys Rock the House
575 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Summer/Fall 2016 

Hello folks, 

I hope you are all having a great summer. I just wanted to tell you all about a a couple of great new gigs coming up.
Firstly, SAVE THE DATE!!!!!! 
Saturday, October The 8th 9pm 
Molly Malone's. 
Not to miss!!!!!! 

Also, I will be beginning a Monthly Residency at 
Universal Bar and Grill. 
2nd Wednesday's 8pm -12pm 
We will be jamming 
Wednesday Aug. 10th. 
Consider it an open rehearsal. I expect to have some friends dropping in.
It will be a lot of fun and a chance me and the boys to stretch out a bit. 

Come on out and get ready to ROCK! 




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Introducing King LEg

Hey Folks,

I'm pysched to let you know about a new Artist I am playing guitar with KING LEG. The first single is Great Outdoors and the full album will be released in October. Stay tuned for more details and hop on over to the KING LEG website.

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